Nicky Hayden Critically Injured

Former MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden remains in a critical condition in hospital, with the American still too unwell to be operated on.

Hayden had initially been taken to a hospital in Rimini after being hit by a car while out cycling with friends on Wednesday.

But his situation was so serious that a decision was taken to give him an emergency transfer to the bigger Bufalini Hospital in Cesena.

An initial statement from the hospital on Wednesday evening said he had suffered a cerebral edema and several fractures, including to his leg.

Doctors are aware that the brain injury may require an operation to release pressure in the skull, but said on Wednesday that they were not comfortable Hayden’s condition had stabilised enough to allow them to do so.

A statement issued by the Bufalini hospital on Thursday morning said that Hayden’s condition remained unchanged, and made clear just how serious his situation was.

“There are no substantial changes from what was communicated yesterday evening,” said the statement.

“Nicky Hayden remains hospitalised in the intensive care unit, and the clinical picture remains extremely serious.”

Pictures: Graeme Brown/Red Bull Content Pool