Paige Overcomes Fading Brakes To Deliver

Lindenberg Racing enjoyed a positive, if freezing cold day of Historic Tour racing action at the Red Star Raceway on Saturday as Paige Lindenberg and Djurk Venter delivered positive results at the Delmas racetrack. Lindenberg and Venter took a fourth place home apiece in their respective classes, while Djurk brought it home second in class in the day’s endurance race.

It was not an easy one for Paige Lindenberg who had to once again contend with brake issues on her monster Ford Fairlane on the tight Mpumalanga track: “I lost brakes from lap 2 of both heats,” Paige reported. “That’s pretty frustrating because this car is just incredible to drive and we have the handling down to a tee. I am loving every minute at the wheel and oh boy, is it teaching me to drive and to manage tough situations!

“That said, my legs are shot from pumping those brakes, but all in all it was a good weekend — I finished both races and bagged some points, which is what I needed, so hopefully we can come back better and stronger at Kyalami In December — I cannot wait! “To my amazing team as always — thank you — you are incredible!

Djurk Venter was also happy with the outcome. “Fourth in class was good in the sprints, but I really enjoyed driving my little Ford Escort in the endurance race and that second place was great,” Djurk admitted. “Thank you to our sponsors and to the team for another great weekend at the races.”

Lindenberg Racing competed on the weekend with messages of support on its cars in support of Paige’s Investchem Formula 1600 teammate Donny Lamola, who is recuperating from a household accident, while the team also arranged a parade lap in Donny’s honour. “We are right behind you every step of your journey, Donny,” Paige confirmed. “Get well soon.”

Pictures: Paul Bedford