The Motorsport World Dakar Rally Special Edition Is Now On Sale

Motorsport World have brought out a Dakar Rally Special edition. It is now on sale at Spar Pick n Pat – garage shops and airports

The Dakar Rally is considered by many to be the most dangerous, most difficult, and most grueling race on the planet … And for good reason.
Dakar is a vicious race that puts a whole new spin on the phrase, ‘to finish first, you must first finish.’ We aren’t just talking about vehicles making it to to the end, but people too. 28 participants have perished since its inception and dozens more have narrowly escaped the same fate in pursuit of Dakar glory.
This is an event that has turned dreamers into legends and put champions on their knees.

In The Dakar Special Motorsport World brings you all the news and views from the big teams taking part in the event

On top of that you will find all the latest motorsport news from around the world including F1 and MotoGP

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